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DaveH | 12 years ago | 3 comments | 2,532 views

I've finally used an EPS path (will post result soon) within Bluff. I have a friend that uses Bixangelo and I created a path that followed the curve of a water cute/roller-coaster.

After I got home and "plugged" the fx file into Bluff, I was surprised that the text the fx was attached to played backwards i.e text started at the end of path not the beginning . Did I do something wrong or is there an order i.e. I should just reverse the path during tracing?

Also; is there anyway of setting the output resolution of the background image in Bixangelo to match the bluff setting i.e. widescreen etc. I had a problem trying to match the path to the output image which was PAL DVD widescreen.

Regards Dave


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Instead of reversing the path you can also reverse the text: type "RELTITFFULB" instead of "BLUFFTITLER"

Latest versions of Bixelangelo no longer use an FX file for the text-on-path effect because it's much easier to attach a text layer to a sketch layer by choosing LAYER > ATTACH LAYER > ATTACH TEXT TO ACTIVE LAYER...

You can find 2 text-on-path examples in the Sketch Effects folder that comes with the installer.

michiel, 12 years ago

Sorry, I should have been clearer. The text is correct i.e. it plays back "bluff" but instead of flowing from the top of the chute to the bottom (as per trace) it starts at the end and travels backwards i.e. bottom to top!

DaveH, 12 years ago

I don't remember which property you have to animate to move the text, but when you take a look at all the properties you will find one that ends with a plus sign (+). That's the one you have to animate differently.

In the new system you have to animate the position property of the text layer that is attached to the sketch layer.

michiel, 12 years ago

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