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I am making a gold ring with diamonds, but when I put the gold texture on the ring the diamonds are changed to gold, does anyone have an idea of what effect to use to make them look just the gold ring? Thank you.

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If it's a model you need to split (cTRL+U) model in submodels (works only if model is composed of several submodels) and then apply effect separately on each submodel, for example you apply gold only on submodel ring and apply a different effect on submodels diamonds

vincent, 3 years ago

Thanks Vincent, for your help if the file is divided as submodel that is divided, now the diamonds I put the effect V11_ReflectionMap_Additive.cfx
And I only need to put the gold to the ring, but the yellow texture turns white,
I need an effect to give gold color.

Jesus, 3 years ago

Jesus on this show i use ColourmapReflectionmap.cfx (ie: layer32) to create a metal effect, for your show you can try to apply this effect to your ring layer, then you can adjust color, speculatity, FX lighting factor, FX reflection factor to emulate gold.
No need to apply colourmap texture, you just need a reflectionmap

vincent, 3 years ago

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