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whiz | 3 years ago | 24 comments | 2 likes | 817 views

Dani and SMSgtRod like this!

how do you resize the workspace window. When I drag it out,then release the mouse it returns to previous
size. please help, just starting to use titler,so need lots of help.

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First of all, Welcome Whiz

The preview window corresponds with the display aspect ratio like 16:9 so only changing the height or width will set it back to the lowest common denominator.
To change the size of the preview window you most change the height and length both at the same time by dragging the corners diagonally.

Learn from the video tutorials, the userguide, the free downloadable shows, the Bixpacks, the search function in the community, trail and error and ask questions. Questions about a particular effect or show works best with an example.

Good luck and have fun making your shows.

komies, 3 years ago

Hey Whiz welcome aboard and thank you for the learning experience.

Your question took me to the preview window and I found this:

To expand the window you must pull the corner and it will maintain the aspect ratio. If you pull an edge it will snap back.


If you push an edge, the window will collapse to maintain the aspect ratio. Odd isn't it?


SMSgtRod, 3 years ago

SMSgtRod, When I try and make BT full screen size it gets larger but goes directly to the upper left corner of my screen. If I try and drag it over to center it, the preview window immediately resizes down to a smaller window in the center of my screen. I suspect this due to the aspect ration of my 14"x24" wide screen monitor.
Well .... I've tried 3 times to include a screen shot but BT doesn't seem to want to let me upload it even after I've resized it down to 900 pix wide. :-(

MrGruntHunter, 3 years ago

I'd be willing to bet it does have to do with your monitor. BT is insisting on maintaining it's aspect ratio.
Did you ensure the screen shot is JPG format. I have taken some and the format it was saved in was PNG. Don't ask me how that happens cause I don't have the slightest idea! LOL

SMSgtRod, 3 years ago

For full screen, hit ALT ENTER.

Or choose the menu item CONTROL > PLAY FULLSCREEN

michiel, 3 years ago

You are correct SMSgtRod, my screen shots were in a *.png format so I went back and saved then in a *.jpg format.

Thanks for the neat tip Michiel. That works well for a playback preview, just not for while you are working on a project like I think SMSgtRod and I were trying to do. In my case though I'm sure it's because of the aspect ration of my monitor but then it's strange that it won't allow me to center the window in the larger size.
It my would be neat if I could make the toolbar in portrait mode along the right side of the screen then everything would fit nicely. :-)

MrGruntHunter, 3 years ago

If I try and just drag the window over it resizes back down again.

MrGruntHunter, 3 years ago

MrGH.... I would really like the same option....

I do smoosh! the toolbox down in length as best it will go, then move it around to get it out of the way. If it was possible to adjust like the Widows task bar that would be a plus for me.

SMSgtRod, 3 years ago

If you're talking about the 'Tool Bar' window that's easy to size. Just hover your curser over one side of the window until you see the double arrows then click and drag. Looking at your screen shot I think when yo do that you'll see a few more menu icons show up like in mine. I think Selina may have showed me that a while back when she was visiting this forum.
When I drag the preview window back to the center of the screen and it resizes back down I can enlarge some as long as I maintain its aspect ratio. It would be nice though to have the tool bar placed in the vertical format to fill the empty space along side of the preview window so I can see the entire working window.

MrGruntHunter, 3 years ago

MrGH.... I have it minimized in that pic as small as it would go.

Your suggestion I see as something like this. Of course the controls would have to be rotated 90 degrees counter (anti) clockwise. That would leave one issue. The time line. However it could be placed in the top middle of the view screen. Done as such it would max out the usage of my screen.

Best stop now, Michiel and Whiz will become very unhappy with us.

SMSgtRod, 3 years ago

Yes, a vertical time line would be a pretty unique GUI element. I have never seen a video editor with a vertical time line. Have you?

And with a separate time line window you constantly have to switch between the tool and the time line window so that won't be very practical.

If you want a bigger preview window, you could remove the browser buttons by choosing SETTINGS > BROWSER MODE.

Another option is to place the preview window full screen on a second monitor. The menu items can be moved to the tool window by choosing SETTINGS > MOVE MENU.

michiel, 3 years ago

@michiel... vertical timelines are not that unusual in general usage. Folks could most likely adapt easily to it.

But I suggested moving the timeline to the "Barren area" at the top of the view screen. The rest of the controls would be flipped 90 degrees with the tool bar vertical to the right of the view screen.

I do like your suggestion of a second monitor except!!
I use an Alienware Laptop so that I can sit in the house and watch TV whilst I work on foul days.
Then on those Dutch Skies days I head outside to the porch.

All in all I guess it would be a programmers nightmare.

SMSgtRod, 3 years ago

Just curious Michiel, is there an advantage to having two separate windows as opposed to having everything in a single window?

MrGruntHunter, 3 years ago

MrGH: It's just a WAG on my part but I believe the Pros that use BT are not restrained to one monitor. With two monitors the view screen can be maxed out on monitor 1. Monitor 2 would have the Tool Box and be used for all the pop ups and drop downs.
The view screen is never disturbed.
If I was on a desktop machine that's what I'd do.

SMSgtRod, 3 years ago

Geeesh Sarge ..... now you got em thinking about seeing if I can make use of this other old monitor I have. LOL

MrGruntHunter, 3 years ago

For editing I prefer 1 monitor. But that's personal, others prefer 2 or more.

Running the output full screen on a 2nd monitor is also useful for live presentations. You can mess around on your 1st monitor: loading shows, changing textures, looking up things,... and your audience only sees the output on the 2nd monitor. This 2nd monitor can also be a beamer, a digital signage screen and all kinds of TV studio equipment for live broadcast.

SMSgtRod, can you give one example of a video editor that uses a vertical time line?

michiel, 3 years ago

@Michiel.. Ok, let me clarify. I said that "vertical timelines" are very common. However I don't feel that a video editor with a vertical timeline would be that difficult to adjust to. We have only been brainwashed to believe horizontal is the proper way! LOL

I think that a vertical timeline would be easy to adapt to. I can drive a stick or automatic. You and I drive on the "right" side of the road. If we were to visit England we quite easily would adapt to driving on the "wrong" side of the road. My mail man drives a postal vehicle with the controls on the right side to make his deliveries. Then drives home in his private vehicle with the controls on the left.

I would love a BT with the option to put the tool bar along the right or left sides vertically. It would allow for a larger preview screen and make much better use of my screen real estate.

With vertical as an "option" those that wish to remain as is will be able to do so. Those that want better use of screen space can go vertical.

As I said earlier it may be a programmers nightmare. But after thinking about it at great lengths, if Micro$soft can do it, Outerspace should have no issues at all.

SMSgtRod, 3 years ago

Yes, for presentations it works well.

There's no programming involved in reordering the GUI elements and we're not afraid of being different (remember our mascot has its eyes positioned on top of each other) but a video editor with a vertical time line is really pushing it too far.

michiel, 3 years ago

That would be weird

vincent, 3 years ago

@Michiel ... Ok reordering the GUI is easy and your not afraid of being different. Got it!

Vertical timeline is pushing it too far? NOT!!

Why is it not?? Because it's going to boot up with the same exact horizontal tool bar as we have now.

Then tucked neatly in the Settings area will be an option. Check this box for Vertical Tool Bar.
Then the old Sarge will move it to his desired area and because Michiel is so cool, it will stay there and the next time I boot BT my vertical tool bar will be right where I left it.

I would be more than willing to beta test the new tool bar and give a very honest opinion. But since it is just an option not really necessary.

Michiel, you are always in the footsteps of men like Louis-Sébastien Lenormand, so one more leap isn't any big deal!!

Vertical eyes, vertical timeline.... Outerspace is OutaBox!!!

Thanks, Sarge

SMSgtRod, 3 years ago

The biggest problem I would have is that the timeslider gets shorter. Instead of 16 it will be 9 on a 16:9 aspect ratio monitor.

On a 4:3 monitor a 16:9 preview window is perfect to put the toolwindow under.

komies, 3 years ago

I designed vertical signage for awhile and asked about a vertical toolbar. Same answer.
Try designing vertically, especially on a laptop, and the toolbar's lack of configurability became frustrating.
No I've never see a vertical timeline, but I've also never seen all the main controls fused into one rectangle, either. This isn't necessarily a vertical timeline issue, it's screen real estate issue. I have projects where I don't use BT because I can't setup comfortably and don't feel like explaining to observors who wonder why I'm not using something else.

misterbrains, 3 years ago

@komies Hey my good man!! I'm not asking to take anything away from the existing layout.

I would never ask something that is going to take away from others or mess up a beautiful software.

I'm asking to have the "option" for vertical. If the user doesn't want or need it everything stays the same. If you want vertical you select it in settings. If you select it to be adventurous and don't like it you can deselect it and return to the horizontal format.

As for the slider length I'll bet Michiel can make it go full length of the tool bar and all will be wonderful.

SMSgtRod, 3 years ago

What worries me is that not everybody seems to realize that you can resize the render window as well as the tool window. Here's how a desktop can look like when doing a vertical signage project on a landscape monitor.

michiel, 3 years ago

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