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hey Guys, looking for your help again, I've searched high and low for a .x model/animation or any model for that matter that could represent the famous Fortune Teller.

It's just upper body and tilting head I'd like to replicate, here's a link to give you an idea what I'm after.


As always, grateful for any advice/help you can give.


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It is the great project that I had begun but never ended. Tayla , i think it is possible to create most parts except Zoltar himself with eps, traced pics and sketchs.

vincent, 4 years ago

@Tayla (Paul)

I found this 3d model in .STL format for 3d printers

It is made of 29 parts but you only need 2, the body.stl and head.stl
Paint 3d in Windows10 can work with .stl so I painted it quick and dirty.

You can save it as .FBX an then convert it to .X

Have fun....


komies, 4 years ago

Thank you komies for your help, unfortunately I have none of the software or programmes that you mentioned, doh is me, I still run windows 7, lol.

Give me a quick five years so I can catch up with everyone, haha, it least I'm progressing with these links and files you have supplied, thank you again.


tayla, 4 years ago

(The "Zoltan head" you see here, is not the .stl file that was mentioned earlier in the comments.)

Tjeb, 4 years ago

Getting there, you've got some great experience in finding the right stuff.

tayla, 4 years ago

have you considered creating this Zoltar animation with just two pictures?
Basically, the only moving part is the lower mouth part.
I created this one, (just for testing) with the ""add traced picture" feature.

Tjeb, 4 years ago

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