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SparkyVegas | 2 years ago | 8 comments | 4 likes | 643 views

amigopegassero, vincent, Vanlen and 1 other like this!

Just when I think I'm starting to catch up with all that BluffTitler can do, Michiel continually comes out with new version features, or it's Vincent, Komies, and many others here with their show-offs and shares that make me feel like a rookie again!

Well, I'm just kidding. While I've just been a lurker passing on some likes, I wanted to let everyone know how much I appreciate what they've shared here in the community. Whether it's an inspirational show-off, a shared download, or just answering questions, and of course Michiel for his response to feature requests and his involvement on this forum. So thank you all!

I can offer one small contribution to the community that I've found. It's for those who might use an NLE editor that doesn't recognize the transparency of AVI's, such as Powerdirector, DaVinci Resolve, and some others. Its a freeware called XMedia Recode based on ffmpeg and can be downloaded as either a portable or installer. Among it's many export formats it can convert BluffTitler's uncompressed AVI with transparency into a MOV RLE format that retains the transparency. Using a high bitrate in the conversion the quality remains very good to overlay a video in an editor. Just thought I'd share for anyone who may have the need.

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Well, soon it will be renamed to 14.0 and you will wonder what's new 😁

Thank you SparkyVegas!

michiel, 2 years ago

Michiel that makes me curious........I enjoy it already.🤓

Filip, 2 years ago

Hi SparkyVegas i'm sure you can contribute posting your work too!
no matter competence level due to to less or more experience, important is the variety, the personality and to have fun with BluffTitler

vincent, 2 years ago

What is being prepared in 14.0 ?

Jeep35, 2 years ago

See what I mean! Michiel is already at it again!

I guess I'd better stock up on coffee for the late nights coming with a Version 14 release.! 😁

SparkyVegas, 2 years ago

Vincent, first I have to say that I'm amazed by what you do. Thank you for also explaining how you achieve your many effects. It's been a huge help in understanding all that can be done, or done in a better way.

I would share my shows, but it would either seem like a commercial or need a LOT of explanation. My primary use is for my better half, who is a Real Estate Broker. Living in Las Vegas is much different than how the city is portrayed in the movies, TV, and even a lot of the media. Because of those impressions, many that are curious about moving here don't really have an accurate understanding of what it's really like, or what lies beyond the Vegas Strip. Yet it is still a favorite for those relocating, with the population having grown by nearly 1 million since we've moved here, and remains one of the fastest growing areas in the U.S. So we make videos to show some of the neighborhoods, homes, location maps, and wide variety of recreation, parks, trails, and community events, along with market conditions and revealing the truth about myths of the area. Having this inside look at what can be found in the 600 square miles of the valley and what else is in the general area, has been a tremendous help to many people.

The maps, market conditions and myths are where I often use Bluff to provide a visual timed to her comments. While that has become an excellent way to aid in communicating what she's saying, either on a screen behind her or full screen with a voice-over, I think these shows by themselves would have folks here scratching their heads.

If I posted a simple show with a picture of Las Vegas melting into a picture of Red Rock Canyon you likely wouldn't understand it's purpose. That was used as part of an explanation that it's not a 'melting' 110°F / 43°C year round as some might believe. High's currently are in the mid 60's F / 18°C, you can ski and snowboard in the nearby mountains, or comfortably golf, ride horses, hike, or bike in the valley, or boat and fish at the lake. And yes, our high summer temperatures without the humidity of most areas, doesn't feel as hot. So while my shows combined with the explanation work well for that purpose, I don't feel they'd make much sense here.

But even though it seems like I'm posting a commercial, I'll share a video intro and trailer all done with Bluff with the exception of the transitions. Nothing extraordinary, but the intro uses some models and chroma key both in the final video and the second odd sized video format I was also able to create with Bluff to play on the model's screen. The trailer just a simple book with the last page having another Bluff animation inserted into it, followed by a basic music credit.

SparkyVegas, 2 years ago

SparkyVegas, i like the way you speak about your city, i went to Las Vegas in 1988 by the road, of course as a simple tourist this city looks very spectacular, all this oppulence which arises suddenly in the middle of's a great souvenir for me, but of course behind spakle and glitter there are people who live and work and you discribe this very well, and bravo for your video!

vincent, 2 years ago

Thank you for the kind words, Vincent. I would have to say that so much has changed here since your visit. You wouldn't believe you were in the same place, both on the Strip and the community that has grown around it.

SparkyVegas, 2 years ago

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