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NextPreviousHomeBT crashes at any type of video output

Jeep35 | a year ago | 3 comments | 470 views

What may be the causes of a crash whatever the output type ?
It happens only on one specific show !

Output as still image is OK

Michiel, I've sent you the show

Edit: sorry but my message has not been transmitted "Quota exceeded (mailbox for user is full)"
Edit2 : I've sent you a link to download it !!!

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I received your show correctly. Nice work!

I exported as 1920 x 1080 MP4 with 30 frames per second in high quality and experienced no problems.

Maybe you ran out of memory:
-close all other apps
-try a lower resolution
-switch to normal quality: choose SETTINGS > NORMAL QUALITY
-use lower resolution textures. Do you really need 4000 x 4000 textures?

Or maybe you ran out of disk space:
-delete unnecessary files
-export to another drive

Or maybe your audio driver can't handle your audio file:
-delete the audio layer (layer 16)
-do the audio mixing in your NLE

I hope any of this helps.

michiel, a year ago

OK thank you Michiel
The audio file was in cause I have deleted it and all is OK

Jeep35, a year ago

Good to hear you've found the culprit so quickly!

It must be a bad behaving audio driver. Maybe installing the K-Lite Codec Pack can help:

michiel, a year ago

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