Traced picture layer

The photo in this screenshot is rendered with the traced picture layer. The template used is from BixPack 24.

What can I do with the traced picture layer?

With the traced picture layer you can convert a 2D picture to a 3D model and render it with the same effects as the vector layer.

How do I add a traced picture layer?

Choose LAYER > Add layer > Add traced picture layer... to add a new traced picture layer.

The new traced picture layer can be selected from the layers dropdown to make it the active layer.

Turn your 2D pictures into 3D models

With the traced picture layer you can easily turn your 2D logo into a 3D model.

This is how the logo looks in a paint app.

This is how the same logo looks, traced and rendered by BluffTitler.

Pixel art

Pictures smaller than 33 x 33 pixels are traced pixel perfect: no attempt is made to straighten jagged lines.

From bitmap to vector

The traced picture layer converts a bitmap image, like a PNG, BMP, TGA or GIF file, into a vector image. This way, the effects the vector layer has to offer can be applied to your pictures as well!

Input picture

Best results are achieved when using a logo on a transparent background, saved as a PNG file with a resolution of about 2000 pixels without small details at the edges. For logos without round edges the resolution can be smaller.

How do I trace another picture?

Choose MEDIA > Change traced picture...


You can improve the quality by tracing a higher resolution picture.

But realize that this also generates more polygons, which takes longer to render and can even surpass BluffTitler's polygon budget. For high detailed logos you might have to scale down the input picture.

The traced picture layer also listens to the SETTINGS > Low/Normal/High quality menu items.

Reflection mapped sides

When you create a new traced picture layer, the AdvancedMaterials/ColourmapFrontReflectionmapSides effect is automatically applied. This effect colour maps the front and reflection maps the sides. Of course you can replace this effect by any other effect.

Traced picture & vector layer

The traced picture layer uses the same interface and has the same features as the vector layer, only it operates on traced bitmaps instead of vector files. For more information see the vector layer.

The vector layer also accepts picture files: choose MEDIA > Change traced picture....

Traced picture & picture layer

When you trace a picture without transparency, a rectangle is generated, which is comparable to the picture layer, only with all the options the traced picture layer has to offer.