Voxel layer

The mathematical shape in the above screenshot is rendered with the voxel layer. The effect used is Voxel/VoxelGoursatSurface.

What can I do with the voxel layer?

With the voxel layer you can render voxel models.

How do I add a voxel layer?

Choose LAYER > Add layer > Add voxel layer... to add a new voxel layer.

The new voxel layer can be selected from the layers dropdown to make it the active layer.


The installer comes with shows demonstrating the possibilities of the voxel layer. Choose FILE > Open show... and select a show from the BluffTitler/Media/Shows/Voxel folder.

To quickly switch between your own shows and the ones that came with the installer, click on the Personal and App buttons in the upper right corner of the file dialog.

Medical visualisations

The voxel layer is mostly used to visualise medical datasets of CT and MRI scans.

This example shows a molar (tooth) converted from a DICOM file.

Voxel layer style 1

Not clipped

The voxel model is not clipped.

Front clipping plane

The position and rotation of the clipping plane can be set with the Position clipping plane and Rotation clipping plane properties.

Back clipping plane

Renders the other side of the clipping plane.

Clipping plane

This renders the clipping plane itself.

Voxel layer properties


The position of the voxel model.


The rotation of the voxel model.


The size of the voxel model.

Tissue density

The 1st slider controls the minimum, the 2nd the maximum density.


The colour of the voxel model.


The size of the specular highlights.

Position clipping plane

The position of the clipping plane.

Rotation clipping plane

The rotation of the clipping plane.

Voxel resolution

The number of slices used to render the voxel model.