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Babe34 | 4 months ago | 3 comments | 188 views

I would like to build an album photo. This is simple with Blufftitler, but i would like the photos, texts and ornements to "stand up" when the book is open and fold when the page turn. Do I use colourmaps or containers? If you have some tips, it would help me. Thanksin advance
Babe 34

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I think colourmap is more appropriate to simulate page because colourmpap is flat (2D), container is better when you want a 3D ensemble. Maybe this book show (using colourmap) can help you.

vincent, 4 months ago

The installer comes with 2 demos in the Picture folder:

Maybe these can get you started.

michiel, 4 months ago

Thank you Vincent and Michiel. That would be helpful

Babe34, 4 months ago

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