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I have a project in Blufftitler, with 28 layers and at the beginning it gave me a lot of work layer by layer in putting it together, but in the end I forgot to put it in a container, and now how can I do it to put it in a container. I need help, thank you in advance.

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it would be nice a multiple selection and insert into the container, but there is no way you have to do it one layer at a time

Franco Aversa, a month ago

Or would be great if when you import a show in an other (CTRL+M) where a layer container is selected, all layers of 1st show would be placed in the container of the 2nd on the same principle as colourmap layer.

vincent, a month ago

Thanks Franco and Vincent, I start a new project with the container, and being in the container layer I do CTRL + M and the program comes first with all the layers and I put it in the second one in the container layer, and all the layers are placed but not in the container layer, what am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.

Jesus, a month ago

Jesus what you are doing is correct but unfortunately BT does not want to import in the selected container as it does with a selected colourmap. Maybe someone else have a solution.

vincent, a month ago

Jesus, I think the only way is to use the menu item LAYER > Attach Layer > Attach active layer...

This has to be done for every layer you want to move to the container.

michiel, a month ago

Thanks Michiel, the program was solved the way you told me, it's 28 layers but it went one by one to the container, good success.

Jesus, a month ago

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