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manclub | 11 months ago | 2 comments | 222 views

good morning friends

I apologize for my bad English

Many times we want to import an EPS logo and then put its texture from the same PNG image.

What I explain here little by little actually takes 40 or 50 seconds to do everything.

Sometimes this is simple, but other times, when the logo has shapes, texts, small drawings ... etc ... we can go crazy to try to fit the PNG texture over the EPS shape.

That is what happened to me, with the logo of a client, until I discovered this trick, I hope it serves some colleague.

1 - Create your EPS logo as usual and save it
2 - You create your PNG logo of the same size to put it as texture and save it, as always.


3 - Take the PNG logo and simply cover everything with a black rectangle (with Photoshop or with your drawing program)
Now we have a black rectangle of the exact same size as the PNG.
4 - With that black rectangle you create an EPS rectangle.

OK .. let's go to our BuffTitler

We load our EPS rectangle
We put the PNG texture of the logo
It won't look good, because the program is because I know but it always puts the texture bigger than the object.

OK, no problem, we started to play a bit with the parameters of texture size and position.
As we are placing it on a rectangle, it is very easy to get the texture to fit perfectly on the face of the rectangle. But what we want is that the texture fits perfectly on our logo, not on a rectangle.

OK, perfect, when we have the texture perfectly fitted on the rectangle, we only need one thing, write down or look at the values ​​we have in TEXTURE POSITION and TEXTURE SIZE.

Now we load our EPS logo, we apply the PNG text.
It will be horrible.
But now we apply to the texture, the exact values ​​we had noted before (in the rectangle) ..and ..voilá !! the texture appears perfect on the logo!

I hope it serves someone.

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Maybe you can upload a few simple examples to explain the problem and give your solution.
I learn the most when I can visualize. ......and maybe someone has a simple and better solution for this problem.

Filip, 11 months ago

Would the Traced Picture Layer not be a better starting point?

komies, 11 months ago

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