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Jeep35 | 3 weeks ago | 5 comments | 104 views

I'd like to work with JPEG2000 files as import and export.
What can I do, in order they could be taken inaccount in BT ?

Why JPEG2000 ? because this format is used in d-Cinema videos (DCP). If we can export a show as JPEG2000 files, they should be ready to be included in such an output.
As import, they are of the best quality as this format is lossless.

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BluffTitler supports WIC:

And the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack supports JPEG 2000:

michiel, 3 weeks ago

Thank you Michiel

Jeep35, 3 weeks ago

J.P again,
I do have downloaded the FastPictureCodec pack. I find it in the WIC list (Ctrl F1) but I do not find it in the decoder list of the Options.

Jeep35, 3 weeks ago

Good. You should now be able to load JPEG 2000 pictures!

What do you mean with "decoder list of the Options"?

michiel, 3 weeks ago

Ok it's fine. I just wanted to link the JP2 format to a decoder in the drivers tab of the Options, but it works without that.
Thank you again

Jeep35, 3 weeks ago

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