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michiel | 5 months ago | 12 comments | 7 likes | 369 views

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Thank you all for testing the new 64 bit version!

All is going very well. Super happy to hear that the 64 bit version runs fast and stable on your machines!

Here are the release notes for the latest beta, version, launched today:
-updated translations: Français, Chinese and Deutsch.
-default POSITION property container layer attached to another container layer changed from (0,0,500) to (0,0,0)
-filedialog optimized: much faster when using folders with lots of files
-3D EPS thumbnails automatically choose the best view (front, top or right)
-more keyboard shortcuts for menu items
-timeout removed

The beta is available for registered users of the ULTIMATE edition and can be downloaded from this page:

For more info visit:

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Thank you Michiel

chaver, 5 months ago

Merci Michiel j'adore cette version

cheyenne, 5 months ago

Great work!

Filip, 5 months ago

Great improvement for my big folders. Billion thanks Michiel. What is timeout ?

vincent, 5 months ago

Upgraded faster

liuyongcai, 5 months ago

Would it be possible to have 3 more things in BT open show dialog box :
-A search field.
-A sort option (by name or by date).
-On the tumbnail, display date below the name.
Always to facilitate access to a show in folders with a lot of files, maybe in the final public v15. Thank you

vincent, 5 months ago

Thank you for using the new version. Thank you Michiel, can you make the model visible?

liuyongcai, 5 months ago

Thank you Michiel
All proving positive here with no problems.
Cheers John

Pioneer, 5 months ago

Thank you Michiel.
With the 32bit version, I was having trouble playing back smoothly most complicated BixPacks. Now, smooth sailing.

JCB, 5 months ago

Thank you all!

Vincent and Liuyongcai, thank you for your feature requests!

michiel, 5 months ago

Michiel con la nueva vista previa de los EPS como se reemplaza una imagen trazada?

Markruz, 5 months ago

Markruz, choose MEDIA > Change traced picture...

michiel, 5 months ago

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