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agpvn | a year ago | 5 comments | 2 likes | 660 views

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Hi Michiel, I would be happy if you integrated Newtek's NDI technology into our Blufftitler software. It will make Blufftitler more powerful, communicate with more software and you will sell more software. I realize that your target audience is not very big, you should target more customers. Add more features to make Blufftitler powerful instead of focusing on creating effects that are not really necessary.

Think about it, Blufftitler is a very simple software to use but its value is huge. Currently, the Covid epidemic is booming, the demand for virtual studios and 3D graphics is increasing, while Blufftitler meets everything and it's completely Realtime. If Blufftitler integrates Newtek's NDI technology, I am sure that you will reach a lot of potential customers and you can sell Blufftitler at a higher price to high-end customers. You can learn more about NDI Technology here:

You can refer to other software that supports NDI Technology: There is no need for you to be like that, just need to integrate NDI to be able to Output Blufftitler will solve a lot of things already. The special thing about NDI is that it allows us to export Realtime Alpha Channel signals easily to embed that signal in many other software such as vMix, Tricaster, Streamlabs, OBS ....

You can see how I tried combining Blufftitler with vMix, which made Blufftitler and vMix even more powerful. Because Blufftitler cannot output to NDI, I used the Capture Screen method.

Reference 01:

Reference 02:

This is my suggestion that Blufftitler wants to grow stronger and provide more customers. Hopefully this feature will be available in Blufftitler in the next version. Love Blufftitler forever.

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Thank you for your request

michiel, a year ago

And I will ask Michiel to add support for BlackMagic DeckLink Cards too. Please just add support to one version of BT and DeckLink to be able work with virtual studios in real-time. I agree that adding more choices for output (NDI and support BlackMagic) is more important than create new effect. It will increase target group of BT customers. BT ver 15 is really power app should have more output choices for compatibility with other app. Thx

ID Production, a year ago

ID Production : BlackMagic Decklink Card you can add to Blufftitler với Add Camera Input Or you can use Box Capture USB 3 it's OK & Smoothing

agpvn, a year ago

@agpvn: Thank you for your comment. We will try to use "video capture layer" But we need live output too. We support your request for the integration of Newtek's NDI technology into Blufftitler software. NDI support in BT will be something BIG. We want Blufftitler to grow and provide more customers too.

ID Production, a year ago

ID Production : Great !!!

agpvn, a year ago

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