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Filip | a year ago | 8 comments | 3 likes | 504 views

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What did I learn;
1. Use a Font without scharp edges (eg Arial rounded MT Bold)
2. Use Text layer style 1: Round Bevel, Inflated (left) works also
3. Use text layer properties: - Bevel Slider 1:>0
Slider 2:>0
Slider 3=0
- Texture mapping: 1
4. Use a seamless texture

Nb. The textures in the zip file are different from the video (much smaller)

Download media files (63.4 KB)

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Very nice, thanks for posting.

How did you create the heightmap?


PiPPi, a year ago

It seemed to me that for heightmaps it was better to use 16 bits grayscale as depth for colors, yet sometimes some 24 bits images work better than others in 16 bits, this example of Filip confirms this finding since in his show the displacement is very good quality with a 24 bits image.

vincent, a year ago

Pippi: With Filter Forge 10

Filip, a year ago

Thanks Filip.

PiPPi, a year ago

Merci Filip pour ce partage et ces explications.

Alex-Raymond T., a year ago

Muy bueno Filip, has realizado una buena demostración

persiana, a year ago

Really nice bricks, well done!

michiel, a year ago

Thnx all for your kind words.

Filip, a year ago

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