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DanaM | a week ago | 8 comments | 197 views

Hello everyone!
I must confess, i'm not very skilled with Blufftitler and i hope someone can point me in the right direction! I want to be able to create a diamond reflection on the floor, while rotating! Now, with the new feature diamond, is very easy to create a diamond, but, how about the reflection? Hoping someone can explain me, thanks in advance!

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I think you are looking for the mirror layer:

michiel, a week ago

Thank you Michiel, but no, this is not what i try! Is more a projection of the light is reflected on the surfaces of diamond, if that make sense!
I really don't know how i can upload a gif here, i've tried several times!
Yes, this is what i try to achieve!

DanaM, a week ago

So you want the diamond to reflect the world?

This can be done with the Effects\Cubemap or the Effects\AdvancedMaterials\Cubemap_Additive effect.

The installer comes with a demo cubemap: Textures\

Create your own cubemap in a paint app or with Bixorama:

Alternatively you could use the Cubemap layer, but that would make the show a bit too complex for only a reflective diamond:

michiel, a week ago

Thank you! I hope i will figure out!

DanaM, a week ago

A simple example to adapt (among many others!) with BluffTitler base media (1 ko):

Alex-Raymond T., a week ago

Thank you Alex-Raymond

DanaM, a week ago

Merci Michiel et Alex-Raymond pour ce partage.

Eddy, a week ago

Here's how I would do it. A diamond show is included in the ZIP:

michiel, 5 days ago

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