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Franco Aversa | 5 months ago | 15 comments | 6 likes | 462 views

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That's not what it was made for, but I wanted to find a nice solution to 2D.
I have created in Blender a plane - square with the writing [BluffTitlerWheel].
I created a container and inserted the plane-square on which I put the 2D drawing of the gear as a texture.
I can also use a lot of texture effects, in this example I used extrude to add depth to the 2D.
For the gear that rotates backwards, I simply rotated it 180 degrees.
I added the writing in the same container.
the other object (which resembles a representation of a molecule) inserted in the container is in fact 3D.
With this method I also created a bicycle and other things always starting from 2D objects.
Why did I want to try directly with 2D and non-3D objects ????
Because it is very fast to replace the texture on my plane-square and then it was just a test. (and I can also use colormaps to map the texture)
The real power of this new function is obviously to have an automatic rotation on 3D obJ objects. Mine was just an experiment.

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I was puzzled how you managed to make the gear rotate backwards.

Setting the ROTATION prop of the model layer to (180, 0, 0) does not work.

But I found out that setting it to (0, 180, 0) makes it rotate the wrong way. Is this the trick you used?

michiel, 5 months ago

On the gear I rotated the plane on two axes, 180,180,0
the molecule is moved manually.

Franco Aversa, 5 months ago

Interesting setup. Cool, that the rotation makes it moving backwards. Might come in handy.

Thor5ten, 5 months ago

I don't understand which defines the rotation speed, is it the radius of the model ? in a test i have done the gear turns very fast for a small horizontal displacement.

vincent, 5 months ago


Franco Aversa, 5 months ago

@Vincent, I think it's the radius, here Michiel can answer, but it seems to me that even my small gear rotates faster than the big ones

Franco Aversa, 5 months ago

Thank you Franco. I did more tests, you are right about radius

vincent, 5 months ago

@Vincent I took your 3D model and reduced it as size in Blender and now it spins correctly. (it was very big).
So the speed depends on the size of the object,
Indeed this is interesting because when you combine the two models inside a container, in BluffTitler they have the same size because you correct it, but one rotates very fast and the other slower

Franco Aversa, 5 months ago

Franco when I edited the model I added (unintentionally) the text '[BluffTitlerWheel]' to the sub-container that had the smallest radius and that's why the whole thing was running fast.

vincent, 5 months ago

Super interesting. Thank you Franco

Alex-Raymond T., 5 months ago

You're right Vincent, in fact, not finding the writing, I added it.
(So it depends on the radius of the sub-object where we add the writing)

Franco Aversa, 5 months ago

Fantastic show!

LostBoyz, 5 months ago

Vincent and Franco, a smaller wheel needs more rotations to travel the same distance. When a small and a big wheel travel the same distance in the same amount of time, the smaller wheel has to rotate faster.

michiel, 5 months ago

Thanks Michiel for the explanation.
(what happens also in reality if two wheels with different dimensions have to travel the same space at the same time)
Thanks a lot Michiel.

Franco Aversa, 5 months ago

Finally it is logical and it is the definition of angular velocity. Thank you.

vincent, 5 months ago

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