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Filip | 7 months ago | 6 comments | 233 views

I thought there was a possibility to blur the motion of a moving text layer. Am I wrong?

I can't find it!

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I can not find it anymore....

Franco Aversa, 7 months ago

You can use blur on camera if you want

chaver, 7 months ago

@chaver blur is a blur on everything and always, motion blur is a blur on moving objects.

Franco Aversa, 7 months ago

I want to add blur or "smear" effect to one moving text or model layer. The camera effect are not suitable.
Also the blur.cfx from the Filters section doesn't work on text or modelspoor.

Filip, 7 months ago

You can use blur on camera with moving object save it with transparent background and use it in your project as a video layer

chaver, 7 months ago

Motion blur is best done as a post processing effect in your video editor. Here's how to do it in Vegas.

michiel, 7 months ago

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