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Super musical clip LB!

vincent, a week ago


liuyongcai, a week ago

Love the show. ❤ Love the barbie-esque girl. 💋 And I'm in awe with the ocean. 🌊 How did you make the water look so real?

Thor5ten, a week ago

Super LostBoyz. bien vue la DJ.

le beau jojo, a week ago

Love it. Not much audience.

Filip, a week ago


chaver, a week ago

fantastico amigo bien t pose effect y vj efect quiero aprender a usar t pose effect con 3d model

julio solano, a week ago

This looks (and sounds!) VERY good. WONDERFUL!!!

Next to the advanced VJ effects, the T-Pose effect, the water layer, the shadows,... the simple camera movements work really well!

And I love the t-shirt 😉

michiel, a week ago

C'est une réalisation fort attractive.Bravo

PAT67, a week ago

Thank you very much all!!! 🤗
Michiel, that girl's favorite polo shirt 😊
Thor5ten, tomorrow I will upload a downloadable bt file about the sea 😉

LostBoyz, a week ago

Water download,


LostBoyz, a week ago

Thank you LostBoyz for the water download!

michiel, a week ago

Very good, thanks lb.

vincent, a week ago

Absolutely brilliant.

Decentralized, a week ago

Thanks a ton for the download!

Thor5ten, a week ago

Wonderful! I love the DJ and thank you for sharing, LB!

Ulli, a week ago

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