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Good afternoon. Can somebody please explain how to check what version on FFmpeg you have installed on your system and whether it is the latest version please?

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Pioneer you can download lates version here

chaver, a year ago

chaver, thank you for the link, I just wondered if I had the latest version and where to check. Cheers John

Pioneer, a year ago

Ok sorry for the age-related problem. I went to the site to obtain the latest download, but I am not sure which I should download. Can any member please advise. Win11

Pioneer, a year ago

Here's what I did:
1) go to
2) click on the download button
3) hover over the Windows logo
4) click on the "Windows builds by BtbN" link
5) download "" (114 MB)

I hope this helps. I ended up on this page:

michiel, a year ago

Thank you, Michiel, for the very detailed information. All installed now and working ok. Is it Ok to delete the previous installation in program files?

Pioneer, a year ago

Easiest way is to place ffmpeg.exe in the same folder as the old version.

If not, you have to tell all apps that are using FFmpeg where the new version can be found.

In BluffTitler, you do this in the SETTINGS > OPTIONS > DRIVERS dialog.

michiel, a year ago

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