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Model and animacio,

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Again a Masterpiece, congratulations LB !!!

vincent, 3 months ago

Very good Lostboyz

chaver, 3 months ago

Amazing work.

Decentralized, 3 months ago

Brilliant cooperation of BluffTitler effects with GLB effects. I would love to see a "making of" video in which you explain what is done automatically by importing a GLB model file (materials, textures, animations, glow,...) and which effects you have adjusted and added in BlufffTitler (positioning models, animating camera, attaching text to joint, lightening,...). I understand this is a lot of work but it would help a lot of users.

michiel, 3 months ago

Thank you all!
Yes, that would be good, but I don't promise anything, because it takes a lot of time to do what you wrote, and I still have to upgrade up my old videos.

This video has been updated :)

LostBoyz, 3 months ago

This look gorgeous and a quick guide would be great, LB!

Ulli, 3 months ago

Cette animation va s'attirer des commentaires favorables.
Le passage du chat est surprenant et amusant.

PAT67, 3 months ago

I feel like I was at the movies. I love everything!!!

Thor5ten, 3 months ago

It's a real LB video great.

Filip, 3 months ago

Thank you all!

LostBoyz, 3 months ago

شيء جنوني ،انت أكثر من مبدع في هذا المجال

Sma, 3 months ago

اشكرك صديقي!

LostBoyz, 3 months ago

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