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Title intro with glow on particles to create blow torch flame and glowing letters.

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très hot Vincent.

Eddy, a month ago

Wow, that is super cool, Vincent. Well done.

Decentralized, a month ago

Salut Eddy, merci. Thank you Decentralized.

vincent, 3 weeks ago

Again a nice one!

Are your BT creations/templates already for sale?

DaDa, 3 weeks ago

Very nice!

Please do not forget to add links to the models, fonts, textures... This not only credits the original designers but also saves us all a lot of time searching. I tried to find the torch, but only found this one:

michiel, 3 weeks ago

Thank you DaDa, I am not currently planning to sell my shows one of the reasons is that I do not hold the property rights (models, pics).
Michiel, damaged font is mine, created with Font creator and based on bold 'Barlow Medium'. Not damaged font name is : 'Barlow Medium'.
I had planned to put the gas torch link but I can't find it anymore either, checking the date of the file I saw that I had downloaded it in July, I guess it has been removed since then.
There are a bunch of free gas torches on the Sketchfab website. The show is just an example that can give ideas that can be realized with a different model.

pipes :
grid :

vincent, 3 weeks ago

Vincent, here's a trick to find the download location of the model:

The GLB format can contain the download location. Press <Ctrl><F1>, select the MODELS tab and look for the SOURCE prop of the model file. This dialog is only meant for debugging so it does not try to be clear and easy, but for a simple show with only a single model it must be possible to find this info, when the model provides it. Here's a screenshot how it looks like.

michiel, 3 weeks ago

Grande idea, fantastico effetto, font bellissimo.

nonnogio, 3 weeks ago

Makes perfect sense, Vincent.

DaDa, 3 weeks ago

grazie nonnogio.
Michiel, it's a very useful function, here the infos of the model :

FILE propane_torch.glb
Version 2.0
Generator Sketchfab-14.69.0
Author pawelgrabacki (
License CC-BY-4.0 (
Title Propane torch
Submodels 1
Colour map Y
Normal map Y
ORM map Y
Glow map N

Trying the link confirm that the model has been deleted, i have not the right so i don't know if can create a link to download it.

vincent, 3 weeks ago

Nice the torch and the glow effect!

Filip, 3 weeks ago

W O W 😮

Franco Aversa, 3 weeks ago

Vincent : How did you created the "HOT"effect?

Filip, 3 weeks ago

These are particles (glow enabled) attached to letters

vincent, 3 weeks ago

Aaaah clever. Thnx

Filip, 3 weeks ago

WoW! Awesome as always!

LostBoyz, 3 weeks ago

Thank you LostBoyz.

vincent, 3 weeks ago

Awesome! I like it!

Ulli, 3 weeks ago

Belle symphonie de chaleur et de lumière.

PAT67, 3 weeks ago

Extraordinaire ! Bravo Vincent !

Alex-Raymond T., 3 weeks ago

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