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Summer Holidays Intro

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It looks like Bix does not regret spending his summer holiday on Earth!

The model looks amazing. Could you please share the download location?

I also like the colour font very much. How did you do that?

michiel, 11 months ago

Text is done with sketch.

Model can be found here

vincent, 11 months ago

I thought Bix was speeding away.....with a lot of noise. But he loves nature!

Filip, 11 months ago

So the text is a sketch layer? That's a very original and creative text effect! I assume you used 2 layers? One for the pink background and one for the red-orange-yellow-green gradient? Or did you use separate layers for every letter? And did you used the AdvancedMaterials\UVModifier effect to map the texture on the sketch layer? Or another effect? Please consider posting the show files in this community. I'd love to play with them!

michiel, 11 months ago

Son moyen de transport ressemble étrangement à un modèle ancien de camescope. Bravo Vincent pour ce partage

Eddy, 11 months ago

Thank you.
Filip you are right Bix respects planet even if it's not his.
Eddy, maintenant que tu le dis, c'est vrai qu'il y avait des camescopes qui ressemblaient à ce 'scooter'.
Yes michiel, 2 sketchs with different pen size progression setting and you are right, one is just textured with gradient (no filter). All letters in the same sketch so, only 2 sketchs for the show.

vincent, 11 months ago

Fantastic colors and fantastic show!

LostBoyz, 11 months ago

J'adore ! Le scout, Bix, la mer, les reflets, le texte, les couleurs... et même les éoliennes bien plus belles qu'en réalité !

Alex-Raymond T., 11 months ago

Thank you LB, merci Raymond et si tu en as besoin pour tes shows tu trouveras ce modèle d'éolienne ici :

vincent, 11 months ago

Merci Vincent.

Alex-Raymond T., 11 months ago

We've added Bix on his hoverbike in one of the webpage headers. Can you spot him?

Merci bien for the great Bix-up!

michiel, 11 months ago

A real Vincent show...looks great..

Dani, 11 months ago

Michiel, i did not found the header where you placed Bix on his hoverbike.
Thank you Dani

vincent, 11 months ago

Wonderful, I like the background, font and hoverbike.

Ulli, 11 months ago

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