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shoji M | a month ago | 14 comments | 20 likes | 498 views

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Thank you, Michiel, for all of your hard work. I would like to gift you a dream bike so that you can travel leisurely around the Netherlands in your free time.

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Soooo cooool
. Must have been a lot of work!

Filip, a month ago

WOW That looks amazing!

What's interesting is that this animation is pretty impossible to do in a GLB file. The only way would be to save every frame as a separate morph target, which would result in an insanely big file.

michiel, a month ago

Spettacolare, fantastico

nonnogio, a month ago

Impressive work with 2D/3D sketchs and Nice mix between sketch and submodels

vincent, a month ago

Really nice bike, well done.

Decentralized, a month ago


chaver, a month ago

Très beau vélo électrique. Merci Shoji M

Eddy, a month ago


LostBoyz, a month ago

What an incredible job

Franco Aversa, a month ago

Extraordinarily incredible! Congratulations Shoji!

Alex-Raymond T., a month ago

Looks wonderful, Shoji!

Ulli, a month ago

WOW! is all I can say, I think Vincent may have a little competition here LOL. This is way beyond anything I could even conceive.

MrGruntHunter, a month ago

😊 😊 You're right Mike.

vincent, a month ago

One of the best shows in our community ..wonderful job dear shoji M..

Dani, a month ago

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