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stbo | 10 years ago | 3 comments | 1,751 views

Newbie question. In many of the example shows, there appear to be sublayers - for example a text layer (layer 4) appear to have a 'sublayer' under it - layer 5, but the layer number is indented as if layer 5 is a sublayer of 4. I could not find any docs which explained what this was for - could anybody tell me how to add these sublayers?

Thank you,

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They are attachment layers. For example they may be the layers attached to a specific container or effect attached to a layer.

BillyJack, 10 years ago

BillyJack, Thank you for the explanation.

I have one more question - in the case of an attached layer how can I tell what effect or texture is attached to it?

Thank you

stbo, 10 years ago

In the menu bar under media, click on change texture or effect and it'll tell you what's active on that layer.

BillyJack, 10 years ago

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