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Jesus | 8 years ago | 5 comments | 2,056 views

As I can do at BluffTitler with a handful of sparkles turning circle spreading way,
as is done in Adobe AE, someone could guide me?

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Can you point us to an online video (YouTube? Vimeo?) showing the effect you are looking for?

michiel, 8 years ago

This is the video I want to do, Dashboard Lights - sparks projector demo - youtube.► 0:06 ► 0:06

Jesus, 8 years ago

I think the easiest way to reproduce this in BluffTitler is to attach particles to a sketch layer.

This show demonstrates the technique:

michiel, 8 years ago

More information about the sketch layer can be found in the user guide:

michiel, 8 years ago

Thanks Michiel, this is a wonderful project with BT to use this Christmas,
that God will shine forever.

Jesus, 8 years ago

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