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NextPreviousHomeJoining two scripts?

Per | 8 years ago | 5 comments | 1,578 views

Is there some way to join two scripts?

I don't mean put them in a playlist and render them one by one into one file, but join them - make them one.

I tried taking ShowB which was 10 second, and add 10 seconds at the start.

The load ShowA which is also 10, in a text editor, and copy and past ShowB at the end (removing camera and light), and making sure to change the duration on line 2.

It sorta works, but some graphics are screwed up and the camera is way of for the second part.


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I have a two part post here that tells how I do it.

BillyJack, 8 years ago

Sounds like you may not have accounted for the added layers and didn't adjust the PAL number. If you don't manually add the layers, the new elements get blended into the preexisting like layer numbers.

BillyJack, 8 years ago


I did nothing but what I described. I didn't know where was documentation available for the show format.

Per, 8 years ago

Btw @BillyJack I'm reading your post now, lets see if i can figure it out :)

Per, 8 years ago

Yep @BillyJack, your walk through worked fine of course.

Though now I have the BT problem of the bezier motion layers start too early (ie it was supposed to start a 10 seconds, but starts to skate in already at 8) - oh well :)

Per, 8 years ago

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