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Per | 9 years ago | 9 comments | 2,133 views

Say i have a picture coming in with a bezier spline motion.

I would like it to stop at 10, so i place a keyframe at 10.

But the script is 20 seconds - so the motion doesn't stop at 10 but slides on a while after.

Any handy hints on getting it to stop?

Moving the keyframe earlier to 8 or 7 etc isn't really that good since not only does it collide with other keyframes, but its extremely imprecise and you'd have to guess where things are.

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You can't. The BEZIER effect is applied to the whole duration of the show. Reason is simplicity.

Maybe you can create the effect you are looking for by using the CONSTANT SPEED effect and lots of keyframes.

michiel, 9 years ago

You might try using Overhauser Spline instead. Let's say in a 20 second skit you want the image to start moving at 7 sec and end at 15. You can clone the starting point and paste it TWICE at a little earlier point, let's say @6.25 and @6.5. Do the same with the end point, but move it out a bit like maybe @15.25 and @15.5. You'll have to adjust key frames in between to create your travel path, but you'll get a similar rounded motion like bezier spline except with a little more control.

BillyJack, 9 years ago

Its a pity.
Perhaps one day we will have the ability to specify an end key frame, instead of the whole show.

(Or even change behavior from keyframe to keyframe)

Per, 9 years ago

Overhauser curve is the best choice of synchronization
look in the movement of the spheres

maitegras, 9 years ago

Yeah that looks fairly bezier like, I always thought overhauser has too jerky. Still sounds finicky though.

And you did that as a single show?

Per, 9 years ago

No, these are two works
The first is the room with the fireplace
and the second is in the snow fields
Once you render the fields, put the video on the picture on the wall

maitegras, 9 years ago

Yeah but that's the point it has to be done in one go, if i just compose it would be easy enough.

Per, 9 years ago

I did some experimenting with the Overhauser spline and found out the following:

When the last 2 keys have the same value, the Overhauser spline still adds animation.

But when the last 3 keys are the same, there is no animation between the last 2 keys. So as a trick you can add an extra keyframe to remove the spline effect.

Here's more info about the Bezier and Overhauser splines:

michiel, 9 years ago

Would be nicer if that worked with the bezier spline.

Per, 9 years ago

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