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NextPreviousHomerotate slider (dir: & xml)

maitegras | 8 years ago | 3 comments | 12 likes | 3,016 views

LostBoyz, mameloke, jopin and 9 others like this!

Here is an example of the effect sought by IBMedia.
the work is done with the expression (dir) this is an advantage when we save a lot of compositing work.
but on the other hand, does not give an option to put text in each sequence.
The solution in this case is to combine the images (dir)
and texts, an xml file
with little work we have a good slideshow

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Very good! :-)

LostBoyz, 8 years ago

Excellent work, Maitegras.

IBMedia, 8 years ago

clever stuff.

JimH, 8 years ago

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