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Dani | 7 years ago | 11 comments | 7 likes | 2,116 views

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(: Test Show.

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Wow you are fast!!!

Great to see you're having fun with the new music visualisation effects!

michiel, 7 years ago

Tip: the VJ_Dancer effect uses the PIVOT POINT property of the text layer as its scaling centre. You can use this to make the texts jump off the floor.

Press F2 to see the pivot point.

michiel, 7 years ago

Cool show, Dani! :-))

Ulli, 7 years ago

Thank you Michiel, and Ulli.

Nice tip.

Dani, 7 years ago

This is the problem.

LostBoyz, 7 years ago

Now it works:))
I don't no what was error!!!

LostBoyz, 7 years ago

That's good to hear!

But not very learnful... If you ever find out what caused the problem please let us know.

michiel, 7 years ago

Ok Michiel.

LostBoyz, 7 years ago

Hi Michiel!

mp3 format can be a problem! BT not all recognize.

LostBoyz, 7 years ago

Okay, so the problem was the MP3 file.

If possible, can you e-mail the killer MP3 file to

Thank you.

michiel, 7 years ago

A simple way to correct a MP3 file is to import it in Audacity (freeware) and without doing anything else, to resave it as MP3. It will then be in the correct format.
Many MP3 files are not in phasis with the MPEG norm even if they can be read by multimedia players. This very simple and quick way will normalize the file.

Jeep35, 7 years ago

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