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JimH | 12 years ago | 8 comments | 2,476 views

I created a simple show with a "HDV 1280x720" resolution and set it as the default show that opens when I start Bluff. Problem is when I restart Bluff the show opens as "Computer 16:9 - 640x360 Widescreen."

Why won't the resolution settings stick?

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Maybe you have set the view to 50% (in the SET SHOW RESOLUTION dialog) which means a visible resolution of 1280/2 x 720/2 = 640 x 360

The view isn't remembered: at startup it is always set to 100%. The idea is that it can be confusing if the resolution is different from the visible resolution.

Do you think it would be better if the view would be remembered?

michiel, 12 years ago

I've never been able to set the view to 100% on HDV 1280x720 setting or on any HDV setting for that matter. I try over and over and it stays at 50%. I'm running on two LCDs displays set to 1280x1024 each. So I would like to see the 1280x720 at 100% but maybe the software needs more than 1280?

So of course when I quit BT and reopen, it see's the View resolution and converts the setting itself to Computer 16:9 - 640x360 Widescreen or whatever the equivalent is.

So yes, I would see no reason not to remember the view. What was your motivation for not remembering the view in the first place?

JimH, 12 years ago

We will do some experimenting to see how it feels when the view is remembered. I'm sure there are no technical issues.

Thank you for your request!

michiel, 12 years ago

How about adding a 75%, 80&, 90% views? Or a free field where you could type your own view %? 50% is too small and 100% is just barely to big to show 1280 on a 1280 wide monitor.

JimH, 12 years ago

Note that when you maximize your window on a 1280 desktop (by using the maximize button in the top right of the window), the net resolution of your render window is 1280 pixels as well because in that situation Windows removes the borders. Normally the net resolution is a bit smaller because of the window borders.

I'm not sure if this behaviour is the same on all Windows versions, but it works on my Vista computer.

BluffTitler thinks that a border is always added, which is probably the reason why it concludes that a 1280 resolution does not fit on a 1280 desktop.

michiel, 12 years ago

"BluffTitler thinks that a border is always added, which is probably the reason why it concludes that a 1280 resolution does not fit on a 1280 desktop."

That's what I thought. Problem with the full screen trick is that when I put a 1280x720 (viewed at 50%) project full screen, the resolution changes to 2560x1776. Even when I'm in full screen mode and try to change the resolution to 1280x720 at 100% Bluff won't let me and changes it t 50% view again.

So my solution would be to give bluff the ability to choose a view of 75% or 90% (or any value) so you can get a bigger view than just 50% when your project is equal or greater than the monitor's resolution. Does that make sense?

JimH, 12 years ago

2560 * 0.5 = 1280.

When you set the view to 100% (in the FILE / SET SHOW RESOLUTION dialog) and make the window fullscreen, the resolution will be 1280 on a 1280 desktop.

michiel, 12 years ago

when you set the window to full screen the aspect ratio follows the screen's resolution, not the 16:9 which was chosen.

JimH, 12 years ago

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