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tayla | 4 years ago | 13 comments | 1,392 views

Hi Guys.

Another call for help please, I'm still trying to complete a new show and have run into another problem I'm hoping you can help with.

I downloaded a church bell and separated the bell and clapper giving me two .x models, what I'm trying to do is as the church bell swings in one direction and want the bell clapper to naturally appear to swing in the opposite direction, where the point at the top appears with little arc and the bottom ball swings out further.

Hope you can help.


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You've already given yourself the answer: use the PIVOT POINT property.

Press F2 to visualize the pivot point and move it to the position where you want to make it rotate.

michiel, 4 years ago

I'll try with F2 Michiel, already tried the pivot point rotation and always looks as though it is pivoting at the centre.


tayla, 4 years ago

Haha, I'm grinning like a Cheshire cat again Michiel, I didn't know of the F2 button, so another lesson learned.

Thanks for the help.

tayla, 4 years ago

A note from the Resistance. (memorize it, and never speak of it)

Look at F1

I'm sorry Michiel but Paul has to know, I will vouch for him.
I know he will use this SECRET only for good.

komies, 4 years ago

And I suppose you can "only ever tell me this the once"... Komies your crackin' me up.

I can only whisper this... I thought I was the only one that could remember that programme.

tayla, 4 years ago

Hey guys, project is coming along nicely but just a few more questions to ask for your help with.

1, The two models to the back are showing more clearly defined lines (ridges) than the one at the front, is there a way to soften these contours either in BT or at source or will it be better to look for a better model.

2, I have the bell and clapper motion near enough to what I am happy with, is there a way in which to save this as a new model .x file that I can use in other shows within BT.

3, I'm not one hundred per cent happy with the mirrored chrome that I have, can anyone recommend any resource sites please.

As usual, thanks for any help.


tayla, 4 years ago

Suggestions, because there is always more than one way :)

1. You could use on the Camera layer the Depth Of Field effect
goto the Camera layer and press F9
select effect botton and use this: C:\Outerspace Software\BluffTitler\Media\Effects\Camera\CameraDepthOfField.cfx
Play with the two sliders of the FX DOF range in the properties dropdown.
(you can play with others as well, after you saved the show just to get a feel of the options)

2.No, not untill now version you cannot save it as a model. Here is what you CAN do.
You can merge two shows with CTRL-M
tip: Prepare the show you want to borrow from, by deleting everything you don't want or need with the camera layer as last (else you got two camera layer in the merged show and have to delete it later anyway) and save under a different name. Goto the show you want to import to and press CTRL-M and select the prepared show.

Another tip: Put all of the model attributes in a container layer by Layer /ADD Layer / Container layer goto to the layers you want to put in the container one by one by Layer / attach layer / attach active layer to container, Now you are able to move the whole model as one object.

3. I would use the old and thustworthy ReflectionMap_Silver.jpg: C:\Outerspace Software\BluffTitler\Media\Textures\ReflectionMap_Silver.jpg by pressing F9 select Effect c:\outerspace software\BluffTitler\Media\Effects\advancedmaterials\ColourmapReflectionmap.cfx
now goto to the properties dropdown and play with the FX Reflection factor and FX Light Factor and last but not least the specularity to past 0.9.....

If this is still not to your liking, you could try the Cupemap.cfx c:\outerspace software\BluffTitler\Media\Effects\Cubemap.cfx and by select texture use the C:\Outerspace Software\BluffTitler\Media\Textures\

Good luck.

Camera layer:
Keyboard options:
Container Layer:
Textures and effects:

komies, 4 years ago

Hey Komies, thanks for the response.

1, I tried, lol, unfortunately not making those ridges less obvious.

2. Sorry I didn't explain this well enough, I would like to have used the completed model as a texture in an effect similar too "flying stars". What I'm really aiming for is for the model(s) to float around and across the screen both in front and behind any text that I may add to the show.

3. I'm currently using the cube map effect but I think the problem is with the image I'm using, or maybes it's because the bell is made in segments, I have tried to get a more uniformed shiny chrome finish but as you can see it's just not quite right.

Thanks for the input.

tayla, 4 years ago

It is sometimes hard in texts to convey ones thoughts and meanings.

1. Yes it is the model that is bad, from Yobi3d I presume. Is this rigging still present in Settings High Quality?
Finding just the right 3d model on the WWW can be a real time consuming thing.
try Wedding bell 3d model free or Christmas bell 3d model free.
If you find a bell but it has no clapper, then you can make one out off the small letter "r" and in the style property dropdown select horizontally revolved.
The same can be done with the bell by drawing the vertical halve outline where the lef side of the page ends would be the imaginary middle line with a transparant background and white paint color and use add traced picture layer and then use the horizontally revolved style.

2. You can use your own model as a texture by export as picture include transparency info, after you have removed everything except the model, licht and camera layers.
You can find a texture on the web or even a animated gif of bells or make it your self in a paint program and use this texture as a particle.

3. Find it in a Bixpack or on the Web or this site:


And practice, practice, practice and use the User Guide and search function like I did to find stuff on this site that might help.

komies, 4 years ago

Well I just found a site and the model looks as though it has a completely smooth surface, only thing is now I got to learn Blender, rofl.

I need a drink, going back to the cafe with Renee... lol.

tayla, 4 years ago

Just an update on my search for a model... it's not going good, I've attempted a few models in blender and followed the guides on how to download to .x but no matter which settings I use, even smooth, the original file always comes out as hexagon in shape, it's driving me crazy.

Can anyone give any input please into finding a good bell model that I can source, I've also went back to sketchup where I got the original models from with no luck upto now.


tayla, 4 years ago

Well I think I have found the problem, I believe it is the reflection map that is accentuating the angle of the bell, as when I use a "flat" texture the bell looks acceptable in it's shape.

can anyone direct me to a site where I can get hold of a shiny chrome surface with little or no textured areas so the bell will look completely chrome with little reflection if you understand my meaning.

Thanks again.

tayla, 4 years ago

Follow the Link,

Make sure that you have selected in Settings / High Quality this makes a huge difference.

komies, 4 years ago

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