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gato@mo | 3 years ago | 8 comments | 7 likes | 1,120 views

snafu, Ulli, komies and 4 others like this!

Download I hope it helps to others

Download media files (3 KB)

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Nice idea. Thank you gato@mo

vincent, 3 years ago


Technically this is the same animation as a roller coaster car riding a roller coaster. Good to see it has more applications than this. Can't wait to see what you can do once we have launched the new version of Bixelangelo that you can use to create your own 3D sketches!

michiel, 3 years ago


Dani, 3 years ago

Thanks for sharing

snafu, 3 years ago

Great concept, Gato@mo

And thanks for sharing.

komies, 3 years ago

Muy bien y gracias

persiana, 3 years ago

Great and thank you for sharing, gato@mo!

Ulli, 3 years ago

thanks to all

gato@mo, 3 years ago

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