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Filip | 3 years ago | 6 comments | 806 views

Is it possible to create a gif file from a show?

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Not directly, but you can export the show to numbered frames and then there are programs where you can import pics to generate animated GIF.
Take care not to have too much pics (select a low number of frames/sec)
Take care not to have too great resolution
In the time i used GIF Animator (was included in Ulead PhotoImpact pack but does not exist anymore)
I think Google will find you a free gif Creator program

vincent, 3 years ago

Of course you mean an 'animated gif'.
I always use Gimp (free) for that. I just (two hours ago) uploaded an animated gif on my deviantART page and to create a thumbnail/preview to draw attention on a page full of thumbnails, I use 'Free Video to gif converter' but for that little program you need an .mpeg as a base, whereas for Gimp you can do with, for example a lot of .png's. I never came across a situation where the number or the resolution was too high.

Tjeb, 3 years ago

I use free video to gif
Downloadable at

PAT67, 3 years ago

Warnings about nb of frames and resolution are just to prevent too big gif files, generaly these kind of files are used to create light (< 1 Mo) animation otherwise why not use a compressed video ?!

vincent, 3 years ago

Filip....I have used Beneton Movie to GIF for several years.

Now I haven't tried it yet, but I have had many rave about GIMP.


SMSgtRod, 3 years ago

Thnx Vincent, Tjeb, Pat67 and Sarge good advice. I give it a try.

Filip, 3 years ago

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