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Filip | 3 years ago | 9 comments | 7 likes | 963 views

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After a lot of try-outs and study of the particles and the styles and properties...I decided that there is much you cannot do with the Particles. But there is also much you cán do.

Here is an example of my best experiment till now.

One of the things that I didn't get working was a pixel-stream from one (invisible) text to another Moving (invisible) Text. I hoped tot get the particles follow the traject of the moving text. It did tosome extend...but not to my satisfaction.

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Good Effekte Filip

elvis66, 3 years ago

Have you looked at Shows\Particle\

Look especially to the target layer property how it jumps from layer 5 to 7.

A longer downloadable show with the same principal of particles and target layer can be found in the link below.

komies, 3 years ago

Komies: Shall look to this one carefully. Have tried the other shows.

Filip, 3 years ago

Yes, particle is layer has lot of properties so it is not very easy to use but you managed to master it. Bravo!

vincent, 3 years ago

an old video of mine

Franco Aversa, 3 years ago

Nice use of the floating shapes with explosion property, Franco

komies, 3 years ago

Top Show Filip

elvis66, 3 years ago

Un buen trabajo Filip

persiana, 3 years ago

Very well done, Filip!

Ulli, 3 years ago

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