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Filip | a year ago | 10 comments | 8 likes | 546 views

Ulli, Dani, SMSgtRod and 5 others like this!

The Discworld is not the only flat world!

he last Bixpack needs to be revisited! 😂

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The water falls nicely off the edge. Well done!

michiel, a year ago

Very nice demo with the flat world, Filip!
I like the water effect.

Ulli, a year ago

Appreciate the education here Filip...... gravity is lost at the Earth's edge so one will fall off along with the water.

I had hopes that an adventurer would be pulled to the underside.

Great show! Thank you sir....

SMSgtRod, a year ago

Extraordinary effect of water, what effect did you use? To make this fall of water, I imagined myself as a waterfall of Niagara water. Congratulations Filip.

Jesus, a year ago

Bravo Filip c'est une belle compsition

PAT67, a year ago

With this configuration oceans will be emptied in a few weeks

vincent, a year ago

I love the particles....good job...

Dani, a year ago

All thnx for your comments.

@SMSgtRod gravity at the edges of a discworld is a magic and strange thing. But for the real adventurer there are ways to get under the discworld. Read the books of Terry Pratchett.

@Jesus the waterfall is a particle layer (water bubble.png) attached to a picture layer (circle.png). The colour of the water bubble is matched with the ocean colour of the earth map.

@Vincent The oceans won't get empty. Thats the magic of discworld and a secret of the Turtle 🐢.

Filip, a year ago

Muy bien Filip

persiana, a year ago

it's a technical error, the moon is on a dome around the earth, the turtle is OK instead! LOL!

Franco Aversa, a year ago

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