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Most of the text animations that are made with AE we can make with BT, and much easier and cheaper.
This is an example. The video of the making in AE:

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Well, AE was one of the reasons we developed BluffTitler. We wanted to prove that making 3D titles could be easier, faster and a lot more fun.

Your video shows we were right. Thank you!

And you're not the only one saying this. Here's a snippet from an e-mail:

BluffTitler renders about 10,000 times faster than After Effects templates. (For instance, some of the Digital Juice templates for After Effects tie up my computer for literally two or three DAYS! And I have a pretty powerful and up-to-date system.)

With BluffTitler templates, I can render full HD in the time it takes After Effects to render TWO FRAMES of a complex animation. No exaggeration!

Yes, there are some amazing AE templates out there. But with the quality of templates you've been creating with the BixPacks, it makes the thought of being able to produce 20 or 30 clips a day possible, rather than MAYBE one After Effects template every day or two.

BixPacks make being a one-person video shop much more do-able. Without sacrificing the level of quality. I've never had a single person complain that BixPack templates weren't good enough. On the contrary, they say, "Wow, that looks GREAT!" (Although, I'll confess that I no longer do next-day service for clients, even though BixPacks would allow SAME-DAY turnaround, because I want them to assume I personally slaved over the templates myself for a week or two. People appreciate things more when they have to wait. Plus, they won't always ask for next-day service if they think the process is more time consuming. And with AE templates, it really WOULD be a long wait!)

Anyway, all of that is to say, keep up the great work!

michiel, 3 years ago

Great job Filip....BT is the best ...Easy and user friendly...I also done AE out put with BT...
AE vs BT always ...BT WINS...

Dani, 3 years ago

Dani and Michiel thnx. Love BT!

Filip, 3 years ago

We use it here in Buffalo for our TV station and have been for years. We use it for station ID's as well as promos. We also use EZ to host our kid show.

k9blesk, 3 years ago

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