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Filip | 7 months ago | 16 comments | 7 likes | 451 views

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Just back from a short vacation and already new features in BluffTitler, love it.

The dozer is created with .eps files. I loved doing it. The weels are obj files.

And of course I used the Character explosion features.

And it's now public...sorry!

Download media files (2.7 KB)

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Credo sia interessante ma, il video non si vede, sembra sia privato.

nonnogio, 7 months ago

Very cool show combining a lot of the possibilities of BT.

Thor5ten, 7 months ago

Veramente Interessante.

nonnogio, 7 months ago

Great show.Filip!

liuyongcai, 7 months ago

Bravo voici le 1ier BullTitler

PAT67, 7 months ago

Super le bulldozer qui pousse les lettres.

le beau jojo, 7 months ago

This bulldozer for men of letters is very effective... Well done Filip!

Alex-Raymond T., 7 months ago

Nice letters in front of the bulldozer, nice idea

Franco Aversa, 7 months ago

wow, looks great

Decentralized, 7 months ago

Thnx all for your kind comments.

Filip, 7 months ago

Hi Filip. I have been working on a tank. And came back here to look at your tractor. And realized you actually did the treads different. I'm using the standard ones.
Would you mind sharing those tracks, or link to them, or how you did it?

Decentralized, 6 months ago

Decentrailized I've added the file to the start of this thread. It are only the tracks. The whole show was to large. Good luck. I like your tank, by the way!

Filip, 6 months ago

Thank you very much, Filip. I appreciate it a lot.

Decentralized, 6 months ago

When I unzipped the file, the model and EPS folders are empty. So it didn't work.

Decentralized, 6 months ago

I think I figured it out. I just drew a different EPS with Bixangelo. I gotta line it all up better, and figure out textures and whatnot. But very exciting. Solution was so simple,lol

Decentralized, 6 months ago

Sorry. Something when obvious wrong...did it in a hurry. But your tank looks amazing, you only have to shorten your tracks.

Filip, 6 months ago

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