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Filip | 4 years ago | 5 comments | 2 likes | 1,427 views

LostBoyz and vincent like this!

Recenty I've made a beautiful glass eps object and I'm playing around with it.
I tried to make cracks in the glass with the V11_Cracks1.cfx effect.

That doesn't work: the glass disapears (becomes a black object) because it needs the ReflectionmapAdditive.cfx effect. How can I solve this? Is it possible to have two effects or an combination.

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Have you tried using the TRANSPARENCY property?

michiel, 4 years ago

Michiel transparancy creates not the crack movement from the center to the edges.

I looked at Bixpack 8 and I learned that there was a V11_Mask.cfx effect.
After a hour fooling around I think this comes close.

The transparant picture is used to create the crack

Filip, 4 years ago

Looks great! However don't forget the message of your video: breaking glass does not express hope. Most people associate it with bad luck. For a title called "cycle for hope" I would use a more happy effect.

michiel, 4 years ago

Agree with michiel, your crack effect is super!

vincent, 4 years ago

Michiel, Vincent thnx. Its not for the "Cylce for hope". It was an idea that popped up with the glass box. I don't know if I use it for an show.

Filip, 4 years ago

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