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Sometimes I get inspired by a piece of 3d text art on the internet. And I think: Can I remake something like this ( ). Well it's not easy.
But this is the result. Not as good as the original, I think. But it will do.

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Filip, your video is private.

To create this style, use the ProceduralTextures\Chrome effect.

michiel, a year ago

Thnx. Made it public. Thnx for the advice. Shall try-out this effect.

Filip, a year ago

@Michiel oh...can't use chrome effect. I'm using \AscenderBender.cfx already. Impossible to use two effects. ?

Filip, a year ago

The ProceduralTextures\Chrome effect does nothing more than generating a cubemap.

The Text\AscenderBender effect accepts a cubemap in its 2nd texture slot. Use a DDS file or point to a cubemap layer.

michiel, a year ago

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