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Filip | 9 months ago | 7 comments | 6 likes | 373 views

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I wanted a long time a video against addiction. I've seen how addiction can ruin lives.

Thnks to Babe34 for his template:

The chips:

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Good message, Filip.
I was born and raised in Las Vegas, and don't gamble, or very rarely do and with a set limit. ie I'll decide ahead of time that this 10 to 20 bucks is for gambling. If I win the amount back, I pocket it and continue with what's left. You gotta have a game plan and do not break it. I've worked with people that had gambling additions. Come payday they blow their money and are broke the entire week. One guy had 5 kids and so only his wife was allowed to pick up his check, or else he's blow the money.

Decentralized, 9 months ago

Good show Filip, I had been to Las Vegas a long time ago and the temptations there are numerous, it must not be easy to resist them.

vincent, 9 months ago

Vincent, I can resist anything, but temptation. Just kidding,lol.
But yeah, you are correct. It's not always easy to resist.

Decentralized, 9 months ago

ps. most times you *lose

Decentralized, 9 months ago

Thnx All, Decentralized for the correction!

Filip, 9 months ago

Very Cool!

LostBoyz, 9 months ago

Great show and message, Filip!

Ulli, 8 months ago

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