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Filip | a year ago | 3 comments | 3 likes | 424 views

MrGruntHunter, Dani and snafu like this!

@ Michiel: Is there a possibility to create a smooth transition from one text to another without the use of particles or pixels/cubes.

There is never a smooth transition as in the linked video.

Maybe the text layer style Floating cubes and pixels start with the "whole" text and the pixels or cubes are visible when exploding. In the pixel settings remains the possibility to define the size of the pixels or cubes...

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Your example video is way nicer, but here is a simple attempt (as close as I can get) to something similar. I used the show file Particle/, then added a duplicate text layer and flipped around the wipe effect angle after changing the second text layer. Duplicating the particles along with the text slows down real-time rendering on my ancient machine, but it renders to video fairly nicely. You could probably tweak the original particles on a single text layer, but without doing that, the edges of the new text didn't align perfectly. It was a simple solution this way.

Hope Michiel eventually comes up with some cool magical solution for the exact effect (like he usually does!), and hope this helps in the meantime.

Sorry, just realized I don't know how to embed a show file along with a video. Here's the video, check my next post for the files.


amiga, a year ago

I would also go for a particle solution: break up your text into particles and let them form the new text.

Maybe this show from the installer can get you started:

michiel, a year ago

Michiel tried it but it doesn,t come near.....but I'll keep searching, trying ...and waiting for extra Bluff-Magic.

Filip, a year ago

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