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Filip | a year ago | 4 comments | 5 likes | 379 views

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So it cost me some time to get the reverse writing working (right Robotic Arm) but with some tips from Michiel I got it working...(

Together with some personal additions to the show I'm satisfied with the result.

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Great see to it all works now. Nice logos on the arms!

One remark: the arms seem to have problems reaching their targets resulting in fully stretched and cramped arms. That does not look comfy. You can prevent this by placing the robotic arm layer at a better position with its POSITION prop or make it a bit bigger with the SIZE prop. Closer to the target is better, but too close is also wrong so this is tricky. Maybe we can automate this in a future version with a key press that automatically places the arms at an optimum position with optimum size.

michiel, a year ago

Thnx Michiel. Automation of the size would be nice!

Filip, a year ago

Looks great, Filip!

Ulli, a year ago

Thnx Ulli.

Filip, a year ago

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