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Filip | 3 weeks ago | 7 comments | 9 likes | 130 views

michiel, Dani, LostBoyz and 6 others like this!

Some models work relatively good with the Bix.cfx effect.

This show is made with the use of Bixpack 25-Mission to Mars: 07_Spaceship2
The space sound is downloaded from:

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Muy bueno, Filip

persiana, 3 weeks ago

Rigolo les aliens qui moulinent des bras pour faire avancer leur bulle.
Merci pour , un site qui va faire du bruit.

PAT67, 3 weeks ago

damn, we're mobilizing all beings in the universe

Franco Aversa, 3 weeks ago

Cool show Filip:)

LostBoyz, 3 weeks ago

Alien ..looks great Filip..nice show..

Dani, 3 weeks ago

I like the aliens. Cool show, Filip.

Ulli, 3 weeks ago

Thnx all.

Filip, 3 weeks ago

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