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Filip | a year ago | 8 comments | 9 likes | 378 views

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I hope that this Minions short generate a lot of hits.

This are the tips of chatGTP4. Of course I could gather them myself 😊😊... but I Like to dedicate my time to creating Blufftitler video's.
So GTP4:
Here are some tips that may help you generate more likes on your YouTube videos:

Create engaging content: Your video content should be interesting and engaging to your target audience. Create content that solves a problem or provides valuable information to your viewers.

Optimize your video title and description: Your video title and description should be attention-grabbing and optimized for search engines. Use keywords that your audience is likely to search for.

Promote your videos: Share your videos on social media platforms, your website, and other relevant online communities to increase their visibility.

Use calls to action (CTAs): Encourage viewers to like your video by adding a call to action at the end of your video or in the video description.

Engage with your viewers: Respond to comments on your video and build a relationship with your audience. This will help to create a loyal following and increase engagement on your videos.

Collaborate with other YouTubers: Collaborating with other YouTubers can help to increase your visibility and reach new audiences.

Remember that generating likes on YouTube takes time and effort, so be patient and consistent with your content creation and promotion efforts.

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All this advice seems common sense, thank you Filip and thank you chatGTP. All you have to do is try

vincent, a year ago

Good animation

chaver, a year ago

Good advice.
I remember when I did the videos for Gnostic Media. About 90% of the time I did not agree with the guest's view points. But just because I didn't really like what they had to say. I would still try and make the best video I could for each show.

Decentralized, a year ago

Instead of 3 small texts maybe it's better to use 1 big one. This makes it easier to read on a small phone screen.

michiel, a year ago

Thnx all and Michiel for the advise.

Filip, a year ago

:) Very COOL show!

LostBoyz, a year ago

Beautiful show - I like the Minions.

Ulli, a year ago

Thnx LB and Ulli

Filip, a year ago

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