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Filip | a year ago | 11 comments | 8 likes | 651 views

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How do you make a nice 3d animated text.
I found this:

Looks very complex and you have to use expensive software 😨.

So I tried to make it with BluffTitler.
My verdict: BluffTitler is awesome!

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I've tried the URL given and sorry page not found. But, I love your show, very fine.

Eddy, a year ago

Sorry Eddy now it's working.

Filip, a year ago

Cool Fruit Show 🤣👍🏻 Filip

elvis66, a year ago

Yes, that's why we've created BluffTitler!

michiel, a year ago

It would be really great if someone would post a BluffTitler tutorial on

This would really help us, thanks!

michiel, a year ago

@Michiel maybe something for the professionals, it is possible to earn money with a tutorial:

It is interesting. But you have to have a deep insight in BluffTitler. And I don't know how original the material you use must be.

E.g I use in this show textures that are cut outs from pictures coming from the internet.
Although I found this:

Maybe a cooperation in the community?

Filip, a year ago

This text looks very fruity. 👍

Ulli, a year ago

It's a misconception that tutorials should explain difficult things that only gurus know. The opposite is true: you make a lot more people happy by explaining simple things. For example, making your text float in the water is super simple in BluffTitler: choose LAYER > FLOAT IN WATER. Try this in another app!

michiel, a year ago

Muy bien Filip

persiana, a year ago

Looks fresh orange...wants to drink...Good job Filip...

From my side ..if you want to learn BT
1....first observe the installer shows how it designed....on each topic
then you will get a idea...
2.secondly a "carefully study of the user guide... observe the bixpack shows.... community post and question,,
5. Finally start a simple show with a theme ....
6. observe the intros and templates on YouTube... then give a try on your side ...don't give up if you get success or not...keep on practice...
7. My Friend L.B....Sinus 300, Michiel( they are the one who make me to join in this community)...Komies, Joel, Vincent, Marvin, Carlos,....and last but not least all our active community members helped and encouraged me a lot... this is my opinion..
Thank you

Dani, a year ago

Bravo un titrage plein de vitamines , superbe l'écorce d'orange

PAT67, a year ago

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