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Filip | a year ago | 11 comments | 8 likes | 608 views

Ulli, michiel, Dani and 5 others like this!

Inspired by:

Who needs Photoshop! We have BluffTitler!

We have the technology we can make it better, stronger, faster......😁

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Neat, Filip

komies, a year ago

Very good.

vincent, a year ago

Great Filip,
really well done!

Franco Aversa, a year ago


But why the Arial font? It only takes 5 seconds to change the font...

michiel, a year ago

comment avez-vous fait les vis?

Franco Aversa, a year ago

This is great, Filip!

Ulli, a year ago

Excellent Filip

PAT67, a year ago

@ Franco Aversa the srews are 3d Models. Tried to make them as an traced picture with the horizontaly revolved style but that doen't work as wel as a 3d model.

Filip, a year ago

All thanks for the good words.
@ Michiel changing the font is not as easy as it seams. Allmost all the screws had to be replaced.
It's difficult to make a template for this show. But to try is to learn.
I learned to think about the logical design of the show. This way you could make a better and sometimes a more efficient designed show.

Filip, a year ago

Yes, that looks a lot better!

Maybe BluffTitler should display a "DO NOT USE ARIAL" warning when you try to render a title using this font.

michiel, a year ago

Filip inspiring shows...Keep up the good work..

Dani, a year ago

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