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NextPreviousHomeSo what's the best way to do bar charts?

Per | 11 years ago | 10 comments | 2,403 views

Assuming we wanted to render something like this:

(say, spinning around the bars)

What's the best way to do that?

Make a special font and try to stretch it?

Some EPS blocks?

A direct x model?

2d pictures to fool the eye?

(best = Looks cool and is quick to do ;)

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I think the I of any font can be used to create such bars. Use the 2nd slider of the TEXT SIZE property to stretch it.

Or you can use the picture layer using the CUBE effect (1st dropdown below the text box)

You can even draw the 10 bars in Bixelangelo and render them with a single sketch layer. Use the SQUARE effect (1st dropdown below the textbox) and an huge RADIUS property. This way it's easy to animate them with the WRITER property.

Please don't forget to post the result to this gallery so that we can all learn from your experience.

michiel, 11 years ago

For fonts the scaling offset is in the center of the letter, which makes it annoying to have a bar which grows - can we change the offset ?

Per, 11 years ago

Btw, when i said animate i mean grow/shrink in size - could you do that with Bixelangelo ?

Per, 11 years ago


Draw 10 vertical lines in Bixelangelo and then use BluffTitler to render them as bars. You can use the WRITER property of the sketch layer to animate them.

michiel, 11 years ago

Ok thanks, I may have a look at that, but probably not - it has to be easy to change. Making a drawing sounds like it might be a wee bit much.

Per, 11 years ago

I'm very glad that someone have started discussion about BAR GRAPH's under BT. Please notice, that there is only one advanced plugin for this purpose (DataMator plugin for AAE). In my opinion BT is excellent stand alone couple for Sony Vegas (because it can, among other things, cover titling issues which are "not very fantastic" in Vegas) and probably BT users mostly are followers of Vegas. Furthermore - BT is very often perceived as a opposite solution for AAE [... please, tell me how can I make this ... and here's usually link to AAE project]. There is no 3D BAR solution for Vegas...

I carefully observe the development of BT and I hope it is possible to change a little bit scope of this product. Today BT is "simple, fast and powerfull tittler for home users". I represent another kind of customer : marketer. I appreciate BT functionality but from my point of view the most important layer is still missing. BAR GRAPH LAYER.

Dear BT Team : do You know, how much time I have to spent to create even simple 3D animated bar graph for my company ? And You should know that I have to do that almost every day :-(

Implementation of BAR GRAPH LAYER seems to be very simple : just import data from CSV or TXT file (don't waste of time for creating "excell like" tools) and prepare BAR primitives property (bar, cylinder, stripe, cone etc).

Titling is succes factor in SOHO busines but 3DBarGraphing is succes factor in corporate business.

Best regards,


RRA, 11 years ago

Can you post some links to pictures/animations of "3DBarGraphing" you like?

michiel, 11 years ago


My target is to create bars similar to datamator (link below) but I'm not going to start AAE environment (too demanding, to stip lerning curve). Usually I make bars or cylinders with specularity and transparency. Recently I have been trying to make bars under Anim8or because of possibility to use "emissive" feature, using that I can create bars from "glowing gel or glass".

I have not space in internet to give you link to stuff (I can only send to you via e-mail graphs rednered to small pieces). And only some my private attempts, not company stuff.

But it's most important to be focused on creating and scalling (animating) series of data under BT - i takes a lot of time and I suspect it could be automated easy via link to external txt file. BT is powerfull enough to present attractive bar primitives and there is no need to change anything. I suppose that subject of bargraphing is corelated with another subject "exchanging layers between project". Actually I can do that via notepad without any containers and it works correctly. But in the case of bargraphs hi end solution will be "create bar graph CONTAINER". And this container will consist of many bar layers created directly with help of data from txt file.

3D scene arrangement or axis are not necessery. Working wiht camera cover this subject perfectly.

Please notice that bargraphing is quite different to "timegraphing". Timed (linear) graphs are difficult and sophisticated, so let postpone that solution to 2012 :-)

Best regards,


RRA, 11 years ago

For fonts the scaling offset is in the center of the letter, which makes it annoying to have a bar which grows - can we change the offset ?

Per, 11 years ago

Why don't you use the compositions\ReflectiveWater.fx effect?

This way you can place all bars at the same vertical position, don't have to worry about the scaling offset and get cool mirror effects for free!

michiel, 11 years ago

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