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Screenshots of the BluffTitler user interface


The BluffTitler user interface is simple and effective: it features a 3D render window and a 2D tool window.

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Scalable GUI

You can resize the render and tool windows with your mouse, making them fit on any desktop. Power buttons are added if there is place for them. This is how BluffTitler looks on a 1920 x 1080 desktop.

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Full HD, 4K and beyond

In the resolution dialog you can enter any resolution you like. Presets are available for all common resolutions in SD, HD and UHD.

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Export as video

Your work can be exported as a video file ready for publishing or for further processing in your video editing app (NLE).

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Changing the texts and pictures is easy.

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The big thumbnails make scanning and selecting shows, presets and effects easy.

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In-app lessons

Lessons (tutorials) are offered as show files.

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The BluffTitler GUI is available in many languages including Nederlands, 汉语漢語, English, Kreyòl, Português, Français, Deutsch, Español,...

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Download free demo

A free evaluation version is available:


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BluffTitler ULTIMATE costs € 79.95
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What can I do with BluffTitler?

With BluffTitler you can create short, spectacular 3D animations:

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