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Franco Aversa | 5 months ago | 5 comments | 163 views

it is possible to create an effect that generates a "network" a "lattice"
moving like this?

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I try so...
with wireframe

Franco Aversa, 5 months ago

the triangle is created with 3 points (characters) (+1 for closing)
that are joined by lightning that have a target on the next point,
moving the points the lightning unites however with the next point.

Franco Aversa, 5 months ago

to create a "network" it would require a new effect that would generate a "fixed" vector and not flashing like lightning, which would unite

Franco Aversa, 5 months ago

Sure. That would be as easy as rendering every point as a sphere and every line as a cylinder.

A low tech solution would be to create a 3D model.

michiel, 5 months ago


I put the photo with the sphere, but it was just an example because I couldn't find any others with this "network" that is often seen.
It would be nice even if a point had more "targets" towards other points so as to bind to more points at the same time.

a 3D model but the problem is moving it.

Franco Aversa, 5 months ago

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